How to Get New Prospects in 6 Easy Steps Using Video
The Secrets of how to use video to grow your business.
#1 Strategy + Planning
Full Strategy and plan for how to find out what is the best approach for your market.
#2 Batching + Teamwork
Putting together a schedule and team to execute the tasks of your videos.
#3 Re-purposing + Action Plan
How to make the most out of all the video content and putting together an action plan.
Christopher Dorsano

TruFocus Productions

With 10+ years of video experience and holding a Bachelors Degree in Digital Filmmaking & Video Production. Christopher has used his video skills to helps clients develop their stories and brand their companies to their fullest capacities within the video field.
Raising over 2 million dollars in revenue in just 1 year for clients.

The strategy you are about to learn in this webinar is the exact same strategy used to help 1,000's of other business owners like yourself make millions of dollars.
If You Want to make the most out of video. This webinar is perfect for you.
Join in the training hosted by Christopher the CEO of TruFocus Productions completely FREE today.

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